Interview with Sospeter

FotoSospeterSospeter Mahiri Chacha is the coordinator of the education project in Kiburanga. He’s 26 yo and is a member of the Kiburanga Women Self Help Group. He finished his studies in 2008 but couldn’t start University.

– Where do you live and work?
– Since I joined Kiburanga Women Self Help Group I live in this community with my mother. I’m a farmer, I’ve got a small piece of land where I grow maize.

– Would you like to stay in Kiburanga?
– Yes, I would like to stay here. Even if I have to leave for any reason, I would like to come back.

– Why do you volunteer with Kiburanga Women Self Help Group?
– I like to be a volunteer. I want to help the community and share ideas with them. I met Deo after I finished secondary school and I liked the idea of a women association. In KWSHG we are four volunteers, Deo, Dennis, Julius and I. I think people don’t volunteer because young people prefer to make money and you can’t make money by volunteering. By the other hand, men in the community encourage their women to join the association, although they don’t want to get involved.

– How would you improve the KWSHG project?
– Women need ideas and resources to develop income generating activities. Regarding education, I think that we could request funding from Kenyan Government so we wouldn’t depend on Eduka exclusively.

– What are the women’s expectations of the EduKA project?
– Women expect education for their children. They know that EduKA is not big enough yet to cover the education of all the children but agree to establish turns to pay the fees for all of them.

– How do you think the future of these children will be?
– If they get an education, they’ll work somewhere else or here in the community as doctors, teachers… helping to improve it. If they don’t get an education, they will end up having a hard life to make money, which is already happening to a big percentage of the young people.

– Finally, what would you say to the EduKA volunteers?
– Thank you for your support, the effort you are making to help the children is amazing. You are doing something very good in Kiburanga and I hope you are able to visit us some day to see the pay off of you collaboration.

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  1. Desde aquí un enorme cumplido a todos estos jóvenes y mujeres de Kikuranga que se dedican full time y como voluntarios al desarrollo de su comunidad. Tenéis todo mi respeto. Sois un ejemplo a seguir.

    From here congratulations to all these young guys and the women from Kiburanga for their full time and dedicacion as volunteers and their will to developp Kiburanga community. You have my deepest respect. You are an example to follow.

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