Beatriz Experience


The three weeks that I spent in Kiburanga were the most different and extraordinary experience I’ve ever lived. I will never forget what I saw, lived and felt there and however much time goes by, all the people that I met and the thousand good moments I lived with them, will remain in my memory forever.

Local volunteers and Kiburanga community in general, welcomed us and took us in from the first moment and, as the days passed by, the feeling of being already a member of a big family in which all the members help and take care of each other grew stronger.

What impressed me the most was the group of women that lives in the community. We had the chance of getting to know the story of their lives when we visited them each afternoon or when we met them in their weekly meetings. Most of the stories were sad, some others amazing for us, as people that are not familiarised with Kurian culture, but it was there, when listening to those stories, that I started to understand the reality of Kiburanga.

I simply loved sharing the everyday life of these women, working, cooking, dancing with them, playing with their children…They are strong brave women but, above all, they are all united and this feeling give them strength to carry on, keep on working on their projects and striving to change the situation of their community.

On the other hand, the work we made was very well organised in general. Apart from installing water tanks, we planted trees and helped build a house for one member of the community. However, the best memory that I keep is the education project that we started there and are continuing from Madrid. I like thinking that all those kids whom I played with so much and grew fond of, will have the chance of going to school.

In the end it was true what we were told, you take with you much more than you leave there. Not only have I taken a good experience with me, but also my backpack came back full of feelings, emotions, good friends and a complete lesson in humility and human values.

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