Who are we?

EduKA, Educación para Kenia-África, is an NGO which was founded in 2012 by a group of volunteers. We visited Kiburanga (Kenya) in order to support the community in many different ways.

During our visit, our impression of Kenyan culture was continually evolving, however, what we enjoyed most was making a real difference to this community. Living with them and being treated as one of them left its mark on all of us. This is why we want to share what we saw and learnt with everyone. However, it is almost impossible to describe how this trip made us feel, you really need to experience it for yourself!

With every visit to Kiburanga your take away much more than you give. Yes, there are endless opportunities for new and exciting experiences, but the best part of any visit is finding out about their culture and, with that, the important and complicated role that women play in the African community, and the customs and traditions that often cause gender inequality. Last but not least, it is a chance to listen to these people and identify their needs. It was for this reason that EduKA was set up to work in an area that the community itself considers vital for its own development: education.

We believe that education is the best way to overcome inequality and injustice in communities such as Kiburanga.

However, EduKA wouldn´t be anything without all the selfless people who cooperate in different ways to make our work possible. Little by little, our family is growing. Thank you so much!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEduKA, Educación para Kenia-África, was registeres as a nonprofit association on the National Register of Associations (registration number 601198) on November 6, 2012.