Kiburanga is a small hamlet which lies among crop fields. It is located in the southwest of Kenya, in the district of Kuria, only 5 kilometres from the border with Tanzania and 20 kilometres from the nearest city, Migori.

The district of Kuria is divided into three subregions: Kehacha, Masaba and Mabera. Kuria has a high level of poverty, with around 61% of the population living below the poverty line. Of the three regions, the poorest is Mabera, where Kiburanga is located. This is due to high levels of unemployment and illiteracy, the extreme climate and a lack of agricultural resources.

The residents of Kiburanga live in small adobe houses. Most work in the maize farming industry, with only some families owning cattle and goats. Rising food costs, triggered by the Horn of Africa drought and speculation on agricultural commodities, are having a negative impact on this community, whose main source of income comes from its crops.