The counterpart is the local organization, registered in Kenia and located in Kiburanga, which EduKA is collaborating with. This association is called Kiburanga Women Self Help Group and was created in 2007. It consists basically of women, children, young people and some men, whose common goal is to improve the life in the community.

Kiburanga Women Self Help GroupĀ is defined most of all by the unity of its members, their team-work skills and their original and innovative ideas.

Some of their short term goals are listed below:

– Education and awareness against the female genital mutilation (FGM).
– Education in order to prevent the HIV transmission.
– Project of professional orientation for young people.
– Promote corn and beans farming of better quality.
– Buy oxen to plough fields.
– To fence in the fields.


And some long term goals are:

– Build a cultural centre and a library.
– Build a cyber coffee.
– Water purification.
– Installation of solar panels.


On the website it is possible to get more information about Kiburanga, the community life and their projects:

Kiburanga Women Self Help Group

EduKA is collaborating with one of the most important goals, the school attendance of community children.